Virtual Realty (Frame 53)

(For the animator at the IGDA meeting who asked me to put an image of my Pixar prize online.) Some background. In the early 1990's, before Pixar started making movies, their focus was on the development and marketing of 3D software. Needing examples of the high-quality images produced using the software, they solicited samples by sponsoring contests for users of their programs, Showplace, Typestry and RenderMan.

Pixar selected and used a still frame from the animation, "Virtual Realty" (the V at left), in the 1991 video, "A Guided Tour of Showplace." My prize was "Shrink-wrapped Magic," a cleverly devised Pixar magic trick (photo in slideshow at left), and a mug. The title of the image "Virtual Realty" appeared four years later on a realtor's sign in Pixar's first feature movie, "Toy Story."

Earlier that year, Penny Kurtz and I entered and won Pixar's "MOM" contest with an illustration named "Wish." I modeled and rendered the chiseled glass, she drew and rendered the global woman.

Wish: 1990 Penny Kurtz and Guy Spataford
Virtual Realty: 1990 Guy Spataford